Watch Paul McCartney Jam On Stage With A 10 Year Old

Ex-Beatles member and all round musical legend Paul McCartney made a young fan’s dreams come true at his concert on Tuesday in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Spotting the young Leila Lacase’s sign in the crowd which cleverly implied she wanted her teddy bear signed, she was invited onstage. What seemed to be a quick, ‘hello, I’ll sign this for you’, ended up turning into a full jam session once the young fan unveiled what she really wanted. “What would you like me to do, sign your teddy bear?” McCartney asked.
“I want to play the bass with you”, she revealed, getting a huge reaction from the crowd.

She was handed a huge bass guitar which almost hung right down to the floor, Paul exclaims, “I didn’t see this coming!” He doesn’t make it easy for the ten year old, kicking into the fast paced 1969 single Get Back, from the Beatles’ final album Let It BeThis is no matter though, as the young Lacase seems to keep up, even singing along here and there with the legend himself.

“What did you think of that?” he asks the crowd, to which once again he receives a roaring applause and chant for Leila. It’s unsure whether she did get her teddy signed, but come on, she played with Paul McCartney, surely that’s good enough.

Watch the fan-shot, out of the blue collaboration below.

Image: Twitter / Paul McCartney