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New Father John Misty, But It Won’t Be On His Next Record

Following a few vaguely suspect creative efforts (or trolling) from Father John Misty – “rejected” Pandora Promos, “official lyrics” for the House Of Cards theme, an apparent demo for a Toyota Prius Commercial – the US artist has shared a beautiful new song via Soundcloud. Real Love Baby appeared just yesterday, accompanied by the unarguable description, “why not.”

The track is a swaying, easy slice of retro pop, with more of a similar style to his 2015 album I Love You, Honeybear, bringing together hints of flower power pop and soft rock. Acoustic strumming is interlaced with roots influenced percussion, classic 60’s shakers and doo-wop style electric guitars. Dreamy and drenched in sunshine, the near-psychedelic flower power feel stops just short of sickeningly sweet.

So far, Real Love Baby remains free of any apparent branding hints. But the Father did follow up the track with a Twitter update, confirming that the song will not feature on his next record. As he says himself, this may not be a main release but it’s a great track, so why not? The song has gone down well with fans so far, who have commented with praise like “real love this baby” (we see what you did there) and a declaration that “Father John Misty is my spirit animal.” Also the slightly more worrying, if complimentary, “thanks sexy grandpa i adore you.”


The singer also tweeted that Thomas Brenneck of the Budos Band contributed a guitar part to Real Love Baby. Father John Misty is currently on tour in Europe, with dates in the US from June through to September.

Listen to Real Love Baby below.

Image: Sub Pop