NAO Announces Album & Releases New Song “Girlfriend”

It seems like we’ll be hearing more of the sweet sounds of NAO as she has just announced that her debut album is on its way – For All We Know is set to reach our ears on July 29th. Two of the tracks included in the release are Fool To Love and Girlfriend, the latter of which has just been released today.

The interesting, gravelly hum of her voice rises over soothing guitars, a heavy R&B beat and the harmonising back-up vocals. The slow, steamy melody provides us with a matching atmosphere and a warm feeling on the inside. It’s the type of song that should be playing as you relax on a cold night, comfortable on the couch with a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate in your hands.

The forthcoming album is to follow the release of her last EP February 15, which came out back in May last year. In an interview with Billboard, she mentioned that the EP’s track Bad Blood was “a taste of [her] album”.

Speaking on the concept of the album, she explained, “I don’t know about concept but I think I’m trying to do what comes naturally to me. I’m a ’90s girl and that’s the sort of music I was listening to growing so naturally, when I’m writing, a lot of that comes out without me thinking about it. Before, I used to try and make things sound a bit different, maybe a bit more left. Now, I’m just a bit more comfortable with it. It’s actually just what I write down well.”

Listen to Girlfriend on Spin and check out some of her other tracks (including Fool To Love) on Soundcloud. Get yourself pumped up for the album by watching the video for Bad Blood below.

For All We Know will be released on July 29th.

Image: Billboard