Marone Stands On The Shoulders Of Hip-Hop Giants With “They Don’t Know (Don’t Know Shit)”

It goes without saying that music is all about being at the forefront of a sound. Being more experimental with both lyrics and production is the best way to set contemporary artists apart from everyone else, and the only way we can really get back to the way things were is by listening to older music.

Melbourne MC Marones new single They Don’t Know (Don’t Know Shit), is all about channelling the old-school and classic sounds of hip-hop and using them in a new way. From the get go, the plucked bass line and simple percussion take things back to basics. It’s a backbeat that could’ve been taken straight from an old Eminem record, and as a result it’s easy to love straight up. His vocals follow a similar path, taking it to a no bullshit place – “I be on my magician shit Abracadabra, put that rabbit in the hat then out comes Cleopatra.”

The hook of the track sticks out too, taking aim at MCs comparing themselves to the late greats of the genre. Marone took his time to give us his own opinion on the issue, and his process in writing the hook.

“Now I’m all for debates, the purpose of it is to explore two sides right? And everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it’s just irritating when the whole circle is listening to one person preaching for no reason, giving unnecessary input and force feeding you the most outlandish shit you’ll ever hear. Especially when they claim they’re hip-hop heads or die hard rap fans and then they suggest you to listen to some “real hip-hop” but it just doesn’t impress you. The hook of the song is dedicated to these people.”

Good to see Marone showing love to where it all came from and doing it damn well. You can download the track free of charge via his Triple J Unearthed profile, and stay updated on the quality material he’ll no doubt be releasing soon.

Image: Supplied