M83 Share The Blaze Remix of “Do It, Try It”

If you missed out on M83‘s string of live shows around Australia in the last few weeks, the French producer has now shared a remix to ease your sorrow. Anthony Gonzalez aka M83 shared his single Do It, Try It, artfully reworked by French duo The Blaze. 

The Blaze took Anthony Gonzalez’s vocals and created something more dark and atmospheric without the repetitive “Do it, try it.”  This version puts the rest of the lyrics front and centre. It weaves, winds and builds in all the right places then comes full circle back to “listen to the sound of a new tomorrow.” 

I think it’s pretty awesome and at the risk of being controversial, I actually think it’s better than the original which I found a bit underwhelming (sorry, but it’s no I Need You). Despite my disapproval of the first single, the rest of the latest album Junk, is M83’s usual dreamy goosebump-inducing electronica. Gonzalez says, “Everyone’s trying to be modern and fit into radio formats, but I find that boring.” He instead chose to draw inspiration from the 60s film soundtracks and 70s radio hits.

You can read our review of the album here.

The image on YouTube says “M83 Remixes” so hopefully they’ll be sharing a few more of the best ones with us.

Brb, looking up The Blaze on YouTube.

Image: Youtube / M83