Listen To Kanye West’s Unreleased Beat Tape From 1997

Kanye West is probably the most talked about rapper producer/celebrity/personality in the world. Rarely does a day go by where his name is not mentioned, for better, or for worse.

This time, luckily, it’s for the better. One of Kanye’s earlier beat tapes has now surfaced with a series of unreleased, unheard beats. Dating back to 1997, the tape is nearly two decades old, released when West was only 20. This was also the year he dropped out of college and a few years before he started working at Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay Z.

In his 15-year career, Kanye has proved himself time-and-time again as an extremely talented and versatile beat producer, making a name for himself by making beats for other rappers well before releasing his own albums, and 19-years ago Kanye was no different.

The eight-track offering was uploaded to Soundcloud on Monday by Trilly Madison, with very little information. It may be taken down at some point soon You can stream the tape below.

KanyeToThe has discovered the origins of a few of the songs, and where the beats were used. As the site pointed out, the first two beats were used on songs for Infamous Syndicate’s What You Do To Me and Grav’s City To City, respectively. Interestingly, Grav’s track was released in 1996.

With six beats still up for grabs from this laid back 90’s beat tape, I imagine they will become highly requested. We have yet to hear from Kanye about the beats, but I am sure he will let us know some more information soon enough.

Image: DJBooth