Lance SkiiiWalker Releases Debut Single For TDE

Lance SkiiiWalker’s is a name that has only just shown up on the radar for most of the public, the recently-revealed identity of one of the pair of mysterious ‘John Doe’ artists who first appeared on the list of pending releases from powerhouse hip-hop label Top Dawg Entertainment earlier in the year.

The announcement was met with a whole boatload of anticipation. After all, Top Dawg are not known for dealing in anything but the highest quality of hip-hop, its roster boasting some of the best rappers in the 21st century game. Though Lance SkiiiWalker is a new name, his signing to TDE is seemingly a given that he, like the six other artists who make up the label’s talent, has the potential to be a game-changer. We did a little looking into just who Lance SkiiiWalker is if you still don’t know.

We certainly didn’t have to wait too long to find out what he sounds like, Lance Skiiiwalker has today released his debut for the label in the form of single Speed. Have yourself a listen below:

Over a relentless backbeat that sounds almost like static interference SkiiiWalker goes in, his flow reserved but absolutely booming. It’s gritty as fuck to the point of being almost industrial. The track changes feel at about the halfway mark, SkiiiWalker going from spitting to much softer crooning to close it out. For a song clocking in at under three minutes minutes it has more than its fair share of ups and downs, the way it about-faces on a dime though with not even the slightest jarring is the finest touch.

Public opinion might be divided given the very experimental feel of the track, a word that sends some running for the hills despite its increasing usage in describing releases from many of today’s biggest hip-hop artists and is in keeping with his TDE labelmates. As far as debuts go, Lance SkiiiWalker has had a solid one and has us all looking very much forward to his future on TDE.

Image: OurStage