Watch Killer Mike Talk Politics and Police Brutality

Everyone’s favourite political and social commentating rapper Killer Mike has once again shared his thoughts on some important issues of the time.

“I’m like that nagging old lady on the block, talking to you about how elections are coming.”

In the newest instalment of the ongoing VladTV interview releases, the pair began by talking about hip-hop and celebrities’ roles in terms of politics. Mike is extremely vocal in support of Bernie Sanders, and therefore his take on whether higher profile artists should do the same was interesting.

“It ain’t for the top tier to always step out in front,” Killer Mike said. “And reason being, Jay is a hell of a rapper. He’s a hell of a brand. One of my favourites. He’s an incredible business man. During the Civil Rights Movement, you know what business people did? They donated money to the movement. Jay donated money to Black Lives Matter. They ensured that people who went to jail, who got out, had a bond waiting on them. I think that’s the type of stuff we should expect out of our top tier people. I think that it’s time to stop requiring them to do what we’re not doing.”

“What I would like to see the celebrity class do in the African-American community, is to help encourage or become the merchant class. I would like to know that if I go into TGI Fridays that it’s owned by Rick Ross…I would like to know if I’m buying said headphones that it is partnered with a black person that is going to donate money back into historically black colleges and universities”

In a change of topic, the pair merged onto an issue which heavily affects minority communities, police brutality. Killer Mike’s first answer, “I think [police brutality] is worse. 20, 30 years ago drug units were kicking our ass, now their just murdering boys.” He then proceeded to explain how deeply this scares the community, describing how a young male was affected by a video of brutality, “When you leave town, who’s going to protect me?”

“I don’t have an answer for him” Mike says, “Policeman enter their work now as if they’re going on a hunt…and thanks to shit like ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ in Harlem, they are given a target to hunt.”

Watch the full interview below, and more through the VladTV YouTube page.

Image: Heart of Cool