The Power Of Hip-Hop: Kendrick Pulls Fan Up On Stage, Fan Turns Entire Life Around

One Redditor has shared an incredibly touching story about how Kendrick Lamar changed his brother’s life by pulling him – who had suffered from depression – up on stage at a recent show. It’s a testament to the power of hip-hop, not only on a lyrical or philosophical level, but in a very real, tangible way.

His brother Logan spent an entire day of a music festival camped at the front of the main stage, waiting for his favourite artist, Lamar, to perform. For context, he added that he and Logan had been subject to bullying in high school, and that while he was open with his experiences, “[my brother] was not. He hid his true emotions because he felt like admitting he was depressed was giving up.”

Lamar apparently noticed Logan singing every single word to u, and proceeded to actually call him up on stage to join in.

“2 days prior to this concert my brother had submitted an 1000 word essay for his college english class about this song,” he added on Reddit. “It was crazy.”

Lamar then turned the song into a speech about suicide prevention and depression.

“He got on stage and Kendrick broke into a speech about how depression is real. And how he may not understand what my brother is going through, but that he doesn’t have to. He said people like my brother are why he makes songs.”

In the video, you can watch Lamar deliver his powerful words. “Suicide is some real shit. And whoever out there feels that way, let this be a song to know that I understand.” He can then be seen talking privately to Logan, and sends him side of stage to enjoy the rest of the show from the best seat in the house.

Kendrick continues, “I can see Logan pouring his heart out because he going through some real shit just like I go through. No matter how much motherfucking money, fans, we still hurt. He still hurts. So when you think about songs, ‘loving you is complicated,’… we can’t judge, I can’t judge, I don’t know what you’re going through, so it’s only right for me to relate. And just like my man right here, singing the words, you inspired me to make this album To Pimp A Butterfly.”

The most incredible part of the story is that the incident has reportedly led to his brother changing his life entirely. “He is serious about losing his weight. He found a great girlfriend. He’s taking school seriously. This has 100 percent been for the best of my brother and I’m so thankful he got the chance to join his idol on stage.”

Kendrick also asked the entire audience to cheer for Logan, which they absolutely did. Logan got to watch the show was side of stage, and even walked with Kendrick to his car as he left the festival.

This is a really, really beautiful story. It’s incredible to see how artists like Lamar can use their power and position to change lives like this, even in situations where it may not have been intentional. Not only did Logan get to dance on stage with his idol, but he got to see Lamar go above and beyond his responsibility as a musician, literally changing Logan’s life.

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Image: Howl & Echoes / Danielle Hansen