Jay Z Jumps On Fat Joe & Remy Ma’s “All The Way Up”

Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s All The Way Up signalled the return of two of New York’s finest. The track has fast become a bonafide hit, dominating the airwaves and heard throughout clubs across the States. It didn’t look like the track could get any bigger until today, when the rumoured Jay Z remix debuted on Tidal.

This is Jay’s first official verse of 2016, not counting his meagre input on the original version of Drake‘s Pop Style, and his first feature since appearing on DJ Khaled‘s 2015 track They Don’t Love You No More.

Jay’s output has been minimal of late, and his quality of bars questionable (Magna Carter Holy Grail is a mess), but thankfully Hov comes through with one of his best verses in years on this remix. In obvous, well-played response to all of Beyonce’s allegations on Lemonadehere he opens up about his marriage and apparent infidelity right from the get go. “You know you made it when the fact your marriage made it is worth millions,” before going on to say “Lemonade is a popular drink and still is.” Mic drop.

He goes on to mention everything from his signature golden Ace of Spade champagne, to describing his daughter Blue in a bathtub filled with gold, aka the famous Tupac photo. The Jigga Man then takes shots at the haters and those who never give him credit for his business endeavours while bragging about Tidal, going so far as to mention that he’s got his hot hands safely tightened around Prince‘s master tapes. Ouch. Too soon. He ends on a line about elevators, a clever line with a double meaning; he referenced Prince’s death, claiming that it won’t tarnish his reputation or legacy, while also reminding us of the 2014 incident when Solange attacked Jay in an elevator.

Hearing Jay on track is one thing, but hearing him rap with such fire is exactly what you want to from one of the greatest. Rumours are circling he and wife Beyonce have finished their duet album, part of what’s looking to be a long-running and well-marketed moneymaking opus, and if he sounds half as invigorated as he does on this remix, we might just get the old Jay back and another classic release.

Image: RapDose