English singer, musician and prodcuer James Blake. Denmark 2013.. (Photo by: PYMCA/UIG via Getty Images)

James Blake Advertises Album Name And Artwork On Billboards Around The World

James Blake has invested in a huge advertising move that will make a little bit more of a statement than just an Instagram post. He has announced the name of his upcoming album on a billboard coloured with the album’s artwork. The mural pictured below is located in Brooklyn on the intersection of North 15th and Banker.


Image: Noisey

The mural has Blake’s name and The Colour In Anything written in black over splashes of purple, yellow, blue and pink on a white background. It blends in quite well with its surroundings too, hanging on a light blue fence.

A similar one was built on Great Eastern Street in London depicting a person standing the edge of a cloudy forest. The style may look familiar if you grew up reading classics like Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They were painted by illustrator and Roald Dahl collaborator Sir Quentin Blake 

So, the album is in fact not called Radio Silence, contrary to what Blake had previously said. Two new tracks from the album have been released called Modern Soul and Timeless. There is also a collab with Trim called RPG, however, that may not be featured on The Colour In Anything.

The only thing that we’re wondering about now is the release date. When’s that mural going up, James?

James Blake will be in the country for Splendour In The Grass later this year, as well as a couple of sideshows. Check out more info on that here.

Featured image: Pitchfork