Happy Tunes-Day! Here’s Our Favourite New Music Videos

We’ve rounded up some of the best new music videos from across the entire musical spectrum, from pop, to R&B, to hip-hop, electro-pop and beyond. Enjoy!

Georgia Mae – Time With You 

This was an interestingly filmed video, with some still shots pieced together with raw footage in a kind of intentionally amateur way. Some warm summer vibes for the beginning of winter from this upcoming Australian artist. The video was filmed in brisbane, and the artist had this to say about its concept:  “I hope it can relate to a lot of people who have really special memories of spending time with someone important to them.”

Maxwell – Lake By The Ocean

Maxwell has made a welcome return to music, and his first song in seven years now has a visual accompaniment to match. First, we meet a volunteer working at a disadvantaged village, who heads to a bar  after work, only to find Maxwell performing. She dances to the smooth tune, before joining Maxwell on a swim – no doubt in a lake by the ocean – quickly showing their affection for one another. The shadows and low lighting do a good job of keeping the mood. it’s good to have him back.

Kyle Bent – Vibes

Much like the name, the video for the upcoming artist’s new track is all about the good vibes. The bright colours and summer scenes of fun create a warm atmosphere in the mix of clips that go along with the upbeat song. It’s really exciting to see more emerging artists producing this type of cheery, soulful hip-hop infusions, and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s next for Kyle Bent.

Bat For Lashes – Sunday Love

Natasha Khan seems to be continuing the wedding theme with this video, just like in God’s House. Here, we meet a man driving on a dark road in a storm, looking as though he had been in a fight. He stops the car and is greeted by Khan wearing a white dress with a veil. Suddenly, he falls into Khan arms dead. While she is visibly upset, she kisses him. He disappears, leaving her staring at the sky. Once again, she found a tragic and exciting way to present her stunning song on video.

Fetty Wap – Wake Up

Once again, Fetty Wap has killed it with another playful clip for Wake Up, a track celebrating getting “Wiz Khalifa high” (aka – very fucking high.) Here, Fetty goes back to school, singing in the hallways, dancing along to the slow beat. The rebelliousness and disinterest in school that so many teenagers possess is portrayed through the integration of the hip-hop lifestyle into the classroom, which is pretty interesting in itself. The combination of the hand-drawn graphics and brightly coloured clips of high school kids chilling out create an interesting take.

Arthur Beatrice – Since We Were Kids

This is a nice little song with a simple little video. Lead vocalist Ella Girardot sits on a stool in a black and white filtered clip, directed by designer and long time collaborator Kate Moross, while coloured cut-outs surround her. They seem to keep her trapped in a suffocating little box as they crowd in front of her while she dwells on the past. A visually gorgeous clip to accompany the latest single from their new album, Keeping The Peace. 

Clams Casino – Witness ft. Lil B

Clams Casino is back, with new music and a long-awaited new album, 32 Levels, on the way. Now comes new track Witness, which not only features long term collaborator Lil B, but has also been directed by, and stars, the mysterious rapper. While I’m not a fan of his solo work, I’m really digging the track. The video is pretty typical of a slick hip-hop clip, but it’s still a fun watch. We’re really looking forward to this album.

Image: Billboard