GoldLink Shares New Freestyle For His 23rd Birthday

I also celebrated my 23rd birthday recently, but not quite like this. One of the most exciting faces in the hip-hop scene at the moment, GoldLink has today shared a brand new freestyle on Soundcloud to celebrate his 23rd lap around the sun, teaming up with Kaytranada for production duties in case it wasn’t good enough already.

Fiery as hell, GoldLink goes in from the first single and doesn’t go near that proverbial brake pedal once. Instead, he shows off that he’s hungrier than ever, and that getting older is just part of the game over a sinister but groovy beat courtesy of Kaytranda. It’s an eclectic mix but works really, really well. With hard hitting lyrics and a rapid fire flow, GoldLink highlights he’s increasingly self aware, and that he’s not going anywhere any time soon. Accompanying the track on Soundcloud, GoldLink wrote “I was 18, angry, and woke up everyday ready to die for wuteva , and now here I am at 23 years old. Shits wild.”

Wild indeed. Check out the tune here, and while you’re at it, read our review of his recent Laneway sideshow in Melbourne, and check out our recent photoshoot with him.

Image: Michelle Grace Hunder for Howl & Echoes.