Glass ANimals

Glass Animals Release Percussive New Song

Glass Animals are back with a new single, ahead of their sophomore album and Australian tour dates.

The band gifted Australian fans with their new single Life Itself on Triple J this morning, set to feature on their soon to be released LP How To Be A Human Being.

The song opens with the blissful sounds of a harp glissando, before a tribal, percussive groove kicks in.

From there the band pile on the layers of sound, with the vocals of Dave Bayley crooning gently over the churning instrumentation below. It then builds to a glistening chorus, with soaring synthesisers and fuzzy bass lines resulting in a thick wall of electronic sounds.

Dynamically the band have further matured from 2014’s debut Zaba, with the bridge of the song dropping off almost entirely before steadily building back to a final, triumphant finish without rushing the result. Listen below.

Speaking on the song, Bayley noted that “We’ve been in a different city every night; making friends, hearing crazy stories, getting in crazy trouble… All of it has made me think about people and write something more raw and more human.”

“Sound and production wise…we’ve been buzzing off the amazing energy of some of the crowds that we have been playing to…now we’ve tried to put some of that energy on tape.”

The song comes off the back of an incredible collaboration that the band did with MC Joey Bada$$ at the end of last year, so we are holding our collective breath for any more potential collaborations on the record.

How To Be A Human Being is expected to be released later this year.

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Image: Line of Best Fit