Floating Points Shares New 18-Minute Long Single “Kuiper”

Having just released his astounding debut LP, Elaenia, last year, Floating Points has showed no signs of slowing down. Picking up impressive festival and gig slots around the world, it seems his brand of experimental electronica (if you can call it that, it doesn’t actually fit anywhere) is really starting to catch on as he tests our boundaries and our minds with his music. Now, he’s at it again as he releases a new single – an 18-minute long single.

Titled Kuiper, this is one of those songs that you have to totally immerse yourself in to get the full experience. Lying down with headphones firmly planted over your ears is perfect. Venturing across uncharted territory, it’s a journey and one that demands you to stay with it. Never once dull or boring, Floating Points keeps the listener riveted from start to finish with Kuiper. Dark, mysterious and spell-binding, it almost feels magical as it rises and falls, crashes and subsides as it goes along.

Saying in an accompanying press release, “Since starting a band to realise the music from my LP, it has sparked a deep interest in the band itself, and so Kuiper is the result of playing with Leo, Alex and Susumu,” it’s clear that Floating Points may have found a new direction. Not that that’s a bad thing, as you can tell from listening to this tune! He went onto say, “Each time we play it, its completely different. We set the scene with electronics, and some drum machines that form the foundation to allow the unfurling of the rest of the track. The version on this EP – believe it or not – was recorded at 8am!”

The EP in question is one of the same name as this new single, and is due out on July 22nd through Luaka Bop/PLUTO.

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Image: Consequence of Sound