Eminem Is Selling The Bricks Of His Childhood Home For The “MMLP” Anniversary

You often see the words “limited edition” or “collectibles” thrown around, but Eminem has taken that to another level to celebrate the 16th anniversary of his album, The Marshall Mathers LP. The collectibles on offer are so limited, because they are literally salvaged materials from his childhood home – the same home featured on the cover of the album.

That’s right, you can buy yourself a brick from the house the one and only Slim Shady grew up in, as well as re-issued cassette tapes to commemorate the release of his seminal record. There are only 700 bricks on offer, and you best believe they will be selling as quickly as the words come out of Em’s mouth for his verses. That’s not all though, as Marshall Mathers dog tags created from re-purposed wood (taken from the same house) are also on offer in extremely limited numbers. Not sure if it’s legit? Eminem’s handwritten signature is on the Certificate of Authenticity, so you know you have the real deal.

The Marshall Mathers LP is one of the most iconic albums in hip-hop, and by extension music everywhere. It thrust Eminem onto the world stage as a true force to be reckoned with, as well as casting a light on the struggles of Detroit and the lower class of America. It grapples with issues that many just weren’t speaking about, and saw the begin of the world domination the Eminem quickly embarked upon.

You can head to Eminem.com now to get your own. A portion of the proceeds will go towards Eminem’s continuing endeavours to restore the city of Detroit, and will be donated to the Marshall Mathers Foundation, which provides funds for organisations working with at-risk youth in Michigan and throughout the U.S.

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Image: DJBooth