Desiigner’s “Panda” Video Is Here

Desiigner‘s debut single Panda is a certified smash, having knocked Beyonce, Drake and Rihanna off the Billboard top spot for two weeks and achieving platinum certification. Now, finally, the long-awaited video clip is here.

It’s a Tidal exclusive, but considering the amount of exclusives they’ve been nabbing of late, notably Beyonce and most recently Radiohead (whose new album can currently only be found on Tidal and Apple Music) it’s slowly becoming more expected.

The video features Desiigner on the streets of New York City. While it’s not the most original clip in history, it’s dark, shadowy, and fast moving, with some cool imagery, and of course some slick vehicular action, not to mention a cameo from one Kanye West. 

At just eighteen years old, it is absolutely ridiculous that his debut single has hit the top spot and made such a huge impact. It’ll be interesting to see where his career goes from here. Will he drop the Future comparisons and form an identity of his own? Will he be more than a one-hit wonder, considering we’re not exactly sold on his recent follow-up single Moon People.

Desiigner makes his TV debut tomorrow night on The late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Image: Desiigner / Panda