Desiigner Reads “Panda” Lyrics Slowly, But Can You Understand Them Any Better?

Desiigner‘s breakout hit Panda was nothing if not a test on the ears, with his almost undecipherable lyrics drawled out in a manner that somehow made a mumbled mess catchy as hell.

In a brand new video created by lyrics website Genius (who most likely enjoyed a shit tonne of traffic for those who wanted to figure out what he was actually talking about), the young upcomer has read the full song’s lyrics out slowly.

He acknowledges that they’re pretty hard to understand in the original version (which now comes with its own video clip), and proceeds to read them all out for the camera. Genius, meanwhile, were kind enough to show the lyrics on the screen too, which is particularly helpful as they’re still pretty damn hard to understand.

Desiigner has undoubtedly enjoyed one of the quickest rises to fame in ercent memory, with his debut single hitting the top spot on the Billboard charts for two weeks, knocking his heavyweight competitors Beyonce, Drake and Rihanna off the top spot. He also recently made his late night TV debut, performing Panda on The Late Show, while others including Lady Leshurr and G.O.O.D Music producer Charlie Heat have released their own remixes.

Image: Genius / Youtube