David Bowie Vinyl Sells For Over 4000 Pounds, Breaking A Record

David Bowie‘s music touched so many people, we’re not surprised about this record-breaking sell by Discogs. According to Discogs’ blog, Bowie’s self-titled album, his second during his career, sold for US$6826 (that’s over 4000 pounds, or over AU$9000) two months after he passed away.

It’s true to say that it’s not uncommon for an artist’s record sales to rise after their death, just as Prince shot to the top of the Billboard charts just after his passing. It is almost like a personal tribute to the artist from a loyal fan.

“I know that we’ve all been tripping over ourselves to praise Bowie since his passing. The last thing anybody needs is another voice in the choir of exaltation. But Bowie’s music moves me deeply. He meant a great deal to his fans. This sale is, itself, a kind of beautiful tribute to what he still means to people,” the blog writer says.

They continue, leaving the identity of the lucky buyer in the shadows. “I’m not sure where this expensive record is going. I don’t know who is looking after it now. But I hope, wherever it is, it’s being treasured in whatever way the buyer finds appropriate.”

In other news, it was announced that Bowie was also going to have a role in the series revival of Twin Peaks. After playing the role of Agent Phillip Jeffries in the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me back in 1992, his character was set to make a comeback in the series reboot next year. It’s sad to think of what could have been.

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Image: NY Times