Classixx Drop “Whatever I Want” Video ft. T-Pain + “Safe Inside” ft. Passion Pit

Classixx have been busy preparing for their new album, and with that has come a series of collaborative tracks ahead of its releases. The past week alone has seen two new releases, the video for Whatever I Want featuring T-Pain, and new track Safe Inside featuring Passion Pit.

While Whatever I Want was first teased in late 2015, the video for Whatever I Want is absolutely worth a watch. It’s much more than just a musical collaboration, but a technological one. Director Daniel Pappas has teamed up with GoPro in a unique video, which allows the viewer to walk alongside T-Pain – and some Smiths fans – around LA. The Morrisey reference may seem left-field, but the video was reportedly inspired by a desire to remake The Smiths’ classic video for Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before, first released 30 years ago. You can certainly see the parallels between the previous and current versions, such as black and white poster on the wall, the bicycle brigade and the raw camera work.

Speaking to The Fader, Pappas explained, “The video was inspired by the song’s attitude towards doing ‘whatever I want,’ T-Pain’s well chronicled struggle with depression, the shared sadness of Smiths fans, and how, through all of the depression and sadness, when you look like Morrissey in whatever way you can, everything is going to be okay,” he said.

Classixx have also just released Safe Inside with Passion Pit. The dance-heavy track has a cool, hip-moving beat and a bouncy feel good vibe. It’s a positive, upbeat track with a bright atmosphere – guaranteed to brighten up even the rainiest day. One half of the duo, Michael David explained why they decided to collaborate with passion pit on the track. “Shortly after finishing the instrumental, it occurred to us that Michael would make a great collaborator. We connected, flew to NY, and tracked vocals in Michael’s (Angelakos) living room over a three day period…We had a ton of fun listening to music and realised that we shared almost identical high school influences.”

Classixx will be releasing their new album Faraway Reach will be released on June 3rd.

Image: Supplied