LISTEN: Blueprint Releases “Vigilante Genesis” Produced By Aesop Rock

Blueprint has just released his new EP titled Vigilante Genesis. It was produced by Aesop Rock, which is pretty cool considering he almost never produces music outside of his own catalogue.

Beginning on the title track, the EP opens with a booming instrumental layer and darkly flickering synths, immediately setting the tone for what’s to come. Most of the EP’s seven tracks are fairly short, around the three-minute mark or less. Each offering is a short story, a series of peeks into a very bleak, almost hyperreal world.

The EP is filled with grim stories and unrelenting, dark scenarios, and while the marvellous production has a kind of starkly futuristic Blade Runner vibe, the tales seem very much grounded in the darkest corners of today – or perhaps in the near future as Tears of a Drone might imply. You can certainly recognise Aesop Rock’s production; it’s not unlike a lot of his own records, and the same comparison can be made for Blueprint’s intricate, vividly illustrative storytelling. The EP essentially tells a series of stories about “creatures of the night,” as he describes in The Watering Hole, within this treacherous, extremely bleak world, their lives surrounded by murder, drugs, drones, violence and so on.

Blueprint’s tone and flow moves with remarkable variation throughout his range; from the quiet, understated husks of the solemn, sobering Graffiti Writer Killed, to the syncopated swings between rhymes of final track Ten Paces, a lot has been whisked into just nineteen minutes.

Purchase Blueprint’s Vigilante Genesis here or stream below (I’m not sure why Spotify has listed it as Vigilante Justice.)