BJ The Chicago Kid's new album, In My Mind, comes out Feb. 19

BJ The Chicago Kid Sings “Woman’s World” For His Mother In New Live Video

This year’s Mother’s Day was welcomed by hip-hop in a large way, with artists sharing songs, t-shirts, and greeting cards dedicated to their mums. However, I think the crown goes to BJ The Chicago Kid for his visuals for his song Woman’s World.

This visuals start with the statement, “BJ’s mom was flown out to LA for a surprise performance for an audience of one. The magic was captured for this video.” The rest of the clip goes through visuals of BJ writing and performing the song, as well as footage of BJ’s mother and daughter, as they visit Motown Records and prepare to watch the touring intimate, touching performance.

Woman’s World appeared on BJ’s beautiful debut album In My Mind. In March this year BJ spoke to NPR, revealing Woman’s World is his interpretation of James Brown‘s It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World: “I feel like we only listen to ‘This is a man’s world,’ and we forget about the part where he says, ‘It wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl.’ So I wanted to take that part of that song and make that my magnified part. I wanted to make that my main part of the song.”

Check out the touching video below.

Image: NPR