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Three Albums That Changed My life: Avii

Having already made a name for herself in New Zealand, newcomer Avii has jumped ship over to Australia to take her music to a new level. Today, she has shared the first taste of this with her outstanding first ever Australian release, Strangers. Teaming up with one of our favourite Aussie rappers, Beatrixx Kiddo, the two transcend genres and styles, bouncing off each other in perfect harmony.

Representing a new wave of artists coming through now, Avii’s music blends mainstream pop and RnB with alternative styles that make it fluid between the major leagues and the underground. The South African born singer’s voice effortlessly and soulfully falls over a bouncy hip-hop beat, grounded with twinkling keys and echoing vocal samples before the bass kicks in. Kiddo’s verse is sublime, and takes the track up more than a few notches. It’s an exciting track and one that should hold both artists in good stead for the year ahead. That’s right, these two are definitely ones to keep your eyes firmly locked on.

To get to know Avii a bit better, we asked her about which three albums have changed her life. You can check out her answers below, as well as the track itself. Keep up to date with her here.

Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly

One of the many things I love about Kendrick Lamar is how real the kid is. The album title itself is thought provoking. At first, I listened to a few songs here and there, the main stream favourites (King Kunta and Alright) then I played the album from start to finish. It’s so humbling and vulnerable, his expression and perspective of black history and modern day society is so well composed into an album you can both turn up and chill out too. The thing I love most about this album though? How real he is, how he not only questions everything around him- he questions himself too. That’s a brave thing to put out there.

Kenny G, The Very Best of Kenny G

Yeah I know, how does she go from Kendrick Lamar to Kenny G? Whatever, music is about what makes you feel good. I used to listen to this album on repeat almost every weekend driving to Sun City in South Africa with my grandfather. I love jazz and you’ll find elements of jazz in almost everything I listen to. Lazy Sundays with a glass of red, an R.M. Drake book and Kenny G in the smooth sound of Kenny G on the saxophone in the background. I just love this album man. That’s all I got.

Ella Mai, Time

The genre of music I listen to changes from time to time. So, this one hasn’t quite change my life, but it has changed my life for now. Current feels have me listening to Time over and over again. I just love this chicks voice- you can tell this was a heartbreak album (EP). She keeps it real though, I think every girl needs that go to album that picks her up so she can do her thing. This is mine right now.

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