Apple Music Is Offering Student Discounts

Apple Music, the streaming alternative to Spotify and TIDAL established by (you guessed it) computing giant Apple is now offering student discounts, bringing the price down to $4.99 USD a month. That’s the same as Spotify, with it’s student discount applied. It’s a nice step forward, especially because it can be hard for students to afford music services while they’re studying. If you want to apply the student discount, you will need to verify your enrolment status, but that’s a simple enough process.

Of course, there is a difference between Spotify and Apple Music. Firstly, Spotify’s student discount only applies for one year, where Apple Music’s lasts for four years after the initial application. Secondly, Spotify is much nicer to use, honestly. I much prefer Spotify from a ease of use and design point of view, having used both for a little while.

It is promising to see that now two of the largest streaming services offer student discounts. Students often are short on money, and their ability to work is hampered by their studies. Some would say that music isn’t really necessary, and I would direct them to the latest Radiohead album. That’s what I call necessary!

In all seriousness, though, youth is when so many people are going through finding out who they are, and music is a special part of that. By making it easy and affordable, Apple Music and Spotify are giving people legal alternatives to piracy, and allowing people to access the beauty that is the musical world.

Image: Apple