Animal Collective Remix Bob Dylan

In one of the most unlikely pairings in, well, ever, experimental four-piece Animal Collective have shared a new remix today of none other than Bob Dylan‘s quaint, carefree tune Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright.

Subtle and gentle and totally unlike the erratic insanity of their latest album, Painting With, Animal Collective provide a delicate touch to Dylan’s song. Having been a Dylan fan for most of my life, I am always skeptical of those who try to take on the man and his work in an attempt to put their own spin on it, so I was pleasantly surprised with just how well it worked.

Bird calls and watery, bubbling synths babble below Dylan’s twang. The synths layer upon each other, gentle and restrained as Animal Collective (in particular, members Geologist and Deakin – the two who made the remix) let a little bit out at a time. Instead of a full on aural assault, this remix is actually quite beautiful. Dylan’s lyrics reaffirming lyrics that “It’s alright” are given an almost pretty soundtrack as it slowly snowballs into a percussive, swimming dream before it fades away to some simple static and intermittent bird calls.

The release comes after Bob Dylan’s 75th birthday this week, and is a fitting tribute for one of music’s most influential and loved figures. Although I’m not totally convinced that Bob would enjoy this take, I certainly do and find it a fitting tribute indeed.

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Image: Fact