Anderson .Paak Drops Visuals For The Season/Carry Me/The Waters, Stars In Mini-Doco

It has been a busy week for Anderson .Paak, who has not only combined The Season/Carry Me and The Waters into one outstanding music video, but is the core focus of a brand new documentary presented by Beats by Dre.

The entire clip is fairly abstract and is made up of stunning mixed-media backgrounds that closely resemble the cover of his incredible debut album Malibu. The film clip was directed by .Paak and Chris Le and features .Paak moving through fantasy worlds as a struggling farmer, a frustrated sanitation worker, and a potential religious convert among other characters. As a sanitation worker, .Paak is forced to face a garbage monster with the face of Donald Trump. The clip is unlike any other music video and is more like an old musical, using collages of old photographs and stop motion animation.

The Season/ Carry Me/ The Waters makes for a fantastic watch, and it is clear .Paak has put a lot of thought and effort into once again exceeding everyone’s expectations.

The day after .Paak performed at Coachella, Beats by Dre dropped a mini-documentary, All in a Day’s Work, named after one of the many tracks featuring .Paak on Dr. Dre‘s excellent 2015 album ComptonThe documentary follows him as he prepares for his Coachella set, and looks at how he was simply a fan of the festival just one year earlier. The main point of the documentary is to shed light on .Paak and Dr. Dre‘s chemistry, as the pair have clearly connected very quickly, and will hopefully be collaborating more in future.

“The people I like to work with, you know their voice from the first syllable,” Dre said.

“It’s fun to work with a producer that is versatile and has a great ear and knows how to get great vocal performances out of you.” .Paak said. “I can hear it, it’s like night and day when I work with him on a song and when I work by myself. And after I was done working with Dre, I had a different approach of how I went into the studio. It was just more tenacity.”

Check out the mini documentary below.

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Image: Pitchfork