Action Bronson Says He Will Drop ‘Blue Chips 7000′ This Month

Speaking with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, culinary expert turned TV show host and acclaimed rapper Action Bronson disclosed some much needed information regarding the third instalment of the Blue Chips mixtape series, this time entitled Blue Chips 7000. Coming off the high from his debut major label release entitled, Mr. Wonderful, it seems Bronson prefers the more organic mixtape release.

“I don’t know what [Blue Chips 7000] is man, could’ve been an album could’ve been [a mixtape], it’s just coming out. [The only difference is] having to deal with a lot of f-cking people and not having to deal with a lot of people.”

The original pair of Blue Chips mixtapes featured production solely from Brookyln based production duo Party Supplies, however Bronson has disclosed that the production credits for the new project will feature the likes of Alchemist, Knxwledge, Budgie and Buckwild, all joining the Party (Supplies). Two tracks from the project have already been released/posted, this untitled track debuted at an Auckland show, as well as the official track Mr 2.Face featuring close collaborator Meyhem Lauren as well as Jamaica native Jah Tiger. As for when we can expect it to be released? Bronson told Lowe he was tying up some “loose ends,” before saying, “This month, as soon as it’s done I’m gonna drop it.”

Now that season one of the Viceland version has just been completed, the pair quickly touched on Action’s role hosting the Vice cooking show, F*ck That’s Delicious, as well as his future plans, with Bronson saying, “I want to travel to Asia, South East Asia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore – No matter what that show is going to go on forever”.  

Listen to the full hilarious interview below, where the duo talks “utter sh-t” about family, bathing routines, F*ck That’s Delicious and of course the Blue Chips 7000 mixtape.

Image: GQ