With You. Drop “Ghost” Video Featuring Vince Staples

Production collective With You. have dropped a trippy interactive video for their first original single Ghost featuring Vince Staples. You can watch it on YouTube like any other video but there’s also an interactive web page where you can control parts of the clip.

It’s in first-person style and the subject is fully animated but everything around them is real. It starts off when they’re dropped at a party and follows a night of drinking, drug-taking, hallucinating, smoking and partying. With You. said of the video, “Directed by Vince McKelvie, the team created an interactive music video that combine real world environment with digital Fx that show the complexities of drug usage and party culture which harkens back to classic videos like The Prodigy‘s Smack My Bitch Up.”

You can feel a sense of apprehension and impatience for the night to take off or for the next interesting thing to happen as the subject roams around. The hallucinations are the best part as they incorporate animation into the real scenes and include Vince Staples bobbing around in whirls of colour. It’s the perfect clip to compliment the hypnotising bass-line and his effortlessly cool rhymes.

On the interactive version you can change the skin colour and add patterns, tattoos, scrawled letters or alien arms. Throughout the video you can even control some of the movements and earn trophies for achievements like “Plastered” and “Blunts to the face”.

If you love the song, download it here.

Image: YouTube