What’s That Track On Beyoncé’s ‘Ivy Park’ Website?

Diehard Beyoncé fans are probably feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment with everything that’s going on. If you are out of the loop, let me fill you in.

Beyoncé has just launched the website for her brand new fashion label Ivy Park. Queen B’s stylish activewear collection consists of 200 different items including leggings, sports bras and jackets. The website has a chic black and white colour scheme and opens with the brand name in huge block letters along with a warning about flashing images.

The best part about the interactive website is the integration of music. Over the top of the flashing photographs, you can hear a fresh instrumental track. If you click and hold for about three seconds, the tracks change. At this stage, the music on the website has yet to be released, aside from Formation, which was featured at the Super Bowl earlier this year. We are sure they will be soon, especially after hearing the rumours about her album’s release date.

Time has provided a few valid reasons to explain why we have a feeling that the album will be coming soon, with a few tracklists making their way around the internet saying that it will be released tomorrow. However, Time is a bit weary of their authenticity. The leaked tracklists hint collaborations with Adele, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Jay Z, Kayne West, Frank Ocean and Nicki Minaj.

We really hope that part is real.

Clothing from her fashion label will be available from a number of stores around the world on April 14. Australians can purchase these items from The Iconic, Glue and Myer. Check out the stocklist to see where they are available in your country.

Watch the trailer in which Queen B talks about the meaning behind the name ‘Ivy Park’.

Image: ET Online