Weekly Video Roundup

It’s video roundup time! Once again, Howl And Echoes are coming in hot with the freshest, most eyeball-stimulating music videos to be dropped by the artists you love and some of the artists you don’t know you love yet this week. We do all the dirty work and herd them all into one convenient web-based location for you to enjoy every Friday so that you don’t have to. Have yourself a good old gander at the latest offerings from:

White Denim – Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)

What better way to kick off this week’s edition than with one of Austin, Texas’ best bands White Denim doing what everyone not in Texas assumes people from Texas spend all their free time doing. Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah) is the newest single from White Denim, taken from their hot off the presses seventh studio album Stiff released just last week.

Rippling with foot-tapping soul vibes coupled with smoky Southwestern guitars, it’s like Motown meets early Kings Of Leon (before they sucked). The music video only makes it more infectious, a ten gallon hat-wearing modern day cowboy line dancing his way around the Austin nightlife. Seriously, try watching this and not wanting to immediately join him.

Stiff is out now via Downtown.

MOSSY – Electric Chair (live)

The newest member of the ever-growing (and consistently successful) I Oh You family is Sydney producer MOSSY. We loved his magically twisted debut single Electric Chair and its haunting accompanying video when it was released back in February. Where that video was ambitious fantasy, MOSSY has this week released a live video of Electric Chair grounded in the real.

Just the man and his piano on a dimly lit stage (he’s so good he can play it without even looking at it at one point). Stripped back and mesmerising, this will only continue to build anticipation for his forthcoming EP.

MOSSY is out May 13th via I Oh You.

Yak – Harbour The Feeling

Winning this week’s award for ‘Man, I Wish I Could Have A Go At What Those Guys Are Doing’ are London trio Yak, having all sorts of mechanised fun in the video for their latest single Harbour The Feeling. Coming from their inbound debut album Alas Salvation, the hype behind Yak is very real following lauded spots at SXSW and being named to tour with supergroup The Last Shadow Puppets across the UK and Europe.

Harbour The Feeling is a straight grit and grind rocker, guitar riffs coated in a layer of scuzz, the percussion cacophonous. The chorus is an absolute foot-stomper, vocalist Oliver Burslem sneering and wailing over the top of it all. The music video is simple but a barrel of fun, an assortment of Yak’s friends giving a mechanical yak a red hot go. It’s shaping up to be a promising debut, and it’s good to see that rock and roll is still alive and kicking (and screaming) across the pond.

Alas Salvation is out May 13th via Octopus Electrical.

Great News – Secrets

Coming from a region that doesn’t get a lot of coverage here are Great News out of Norway. They’re a three-piece from Bergen and their latest single is Secrets; a shimmering indie pop track that harkens back heavily to early Fleetwood Mac and draws parallels to what The Preatures are presently kicking up a storm doing. Layers of synths, scuttling basslines and dreamy vocals aplenty here, it’s a killer tune.

The video is a lo-fi complement, a live performance from the band obscured by shadows and stage lights, only adding to the ethereal quality of the song.

Look for more great news about Great News (I had to, I’m sorry) in the very near future.

PUP – If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will

And winning the award for ‘Most Aggressively Threatening Song Title’ this week are Toronto noise punks PUP, who have simultaneously announced a brand new album and released its first single. If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will is as straightforward a title as it gets, the band collectively venting their frustrations at spending so long on the road with the same faces. It’s from the upcoming album The Dream Is Over, apparently what frontman Stefan Babcock’s doctor told him upon looking at his shredded vocal cords. The raw emotional tone has definitely been set.

The single starts off nice and jangly over some truly vitriolic lyrics before going all the way in and letting out that frustration with primal screams and frenzied guitars that crash together like a freeway pileup. The chorus ‘why can’t we just get along?’ just begs to be shouted back at them onstage some day very soon. The video is violent, full of broken bones and missing teeth and showing life on the road at its bloodiest and nastiest.

The Dream Is Over is out May 27th via SideOneDummy Records

Gold Panda – In My Car

Chelmsford producer Gold Panda has a new record coming this year and has this week released its second single. In My Car is off-kilter and multilayered, a myriad of instruments colliding and melting into one another to create an oddly satisfying soundscape.

The video tugs at the heartstrings throughout, with the Chelmsford-born producer visiting his grandmother and enjoying a day out with her (if you haven’t got a lump in your throat when they visit his grandfather’s grave you’re a robot).

Good Luck And Do Your Best is out May 27th via Inertia.

Sneaky Sound System – I Ain’t Over You

Remember Sneaky Sound System? Remember how they all but soundtracked the end of the 00s and ripped apart the 07 ARIAs off the back of their self-titled debut LP? They’re back with their first major release in almost half a decade in brand new single I Ain’t Over You.

They’ve pretty much picked up where they left off, a story of defiant independence told through huge vocals from long-time vocalist Miss Connie over a driving electro-pop backbeat that harkens back beautifully to the mid-90s. The accompanying video is bedaubed in colour, Miss Connie almost floating across a lurid desert backdrop.

Welcome back anyway, Sneaky Sound System. Looking forward to what’s next.

Ecca Vandal – Truth To Trade

Ecca Vandal is a name that has been tearing up Australian airwaves of late. Punk to her core, she’s taken a genre that all too often has stagnated in the hands of her male counterparts and breathed new and innovative life into it. End Of Time is her debut EP, released earlier this year and riding a wave of hype, the eponymous lead single exploding in popularity.

Truth To Trade is another standout from the EP, opening with an almost industrial backbeat and distorted vocals before a wall of grimy guitars and Ecca Vandal’s own soaring voice come roaring in (and the heights hers can reach are in the upper atmosphere). Judging by the footage spliced in to the music video, it is an absolute bonecrusher in a live environment.

End Of Time is out now via Dew Process/UMA. Catch Ecca Vandal on her Australian tour kicking off this Friday!

Image: YouTube