Watch Vince Staples Review The Best & Worst Rap Chains

Rapper and self professed funny man Vince Staples is back at it again, this time with men’s magazine GQ’s running skit titled, Vince Staples Reviews Every Goddamn Thing, where this time he gives his opinions on some of the best and worst chains in the rap game. Accompanied by Jason Arasheben, a Los Angeles jeweller who has worked with several large rappers in the past, the pair give funny and insightful commentary to the pictures showcased.

First discussed is T-Pain’s notorious ‘big ass chain’, which Vince acknowledges as the “chain that that ruined T-Pain for everyone”. Kanye’s Horus chain was well received, with the pair agreeing it made the statement it intended to. Awkwardly at one point, Vince began dissing Tyga’s Garfield piece, an item that co-presenter Arasheben actually made, no hard feelings though, he covered it by saying “You got a lot of money from that right?”

Together they label Jay Z’s Jesus piece and Lil Wayne’s moneybag chain as trendsetters and ones that are synonymous with hip-hop itself. Pharrell‘s chain by Jacob the Jeweller was the most expensive of those discussed, coming in at a massive one million dollars. Staples reflected on his childhood memories relating to the piece and the impact it had on him in his youth. Arasheben stated it was “well done, well made, and done with taste” – You’d hope so at six figures.

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Watch all their reactions to the best and worst chains below:

Image: GQ