WATCH: Foals Brought The Goods and Yannis Brought The LOLs To Coachella

Amidst all the hype of Coachella, it’s understandable that some artists can get a little over excited by the occasion.

Such was the feeling (we assume) for Foals front man Yannis Philippakis and guitarist Jimmy Smith in one of the most stellar backstage interviews of this year’s festival season.

Given they had just come off stage, Jimmy and Yannis were absolutely buzzing for the chat, with Yannis revealing that the band had just gone overtime and run into a spot of bother. During a furious performance of last year’s primeval epic What Went Down, the festival opted to forcefully remove the band from the stage by switching off their power right as the band paused the song for bridge.

“Our stage manager threatened our drummer and wanted the police to come out. An apology has been made, cookies have been sent and hopefully the police won’t rock up and arrest us.”

Highlighting the awkwardness of the power cut even further is this video which was posted on the festival’s official YouTube Channel.

Yannis then told the online audience what it was really like for bands to play on the main stage of a festival, noting that the crowd was “a marshmallow field.”

Getting slightly deeper, he admitted that, “When you get into the rhythm of touring and the oblivion of it, it’s easy to not take stock of how special everything around you is….now we are half aware of it, and we have won the battle in the sense that we know that we should be appreciating it.”

“(Coachella) is kind of like the bold and beautiful of festivals I think. Everyone is really pretty and groomed..and it’s different from the European festivals because of that.”

We can only assume the excitable nature was from the adrenaline that comes after playing the main stage at Coachella, but we

Despite problems with the organisers, all accounts show that the band killed their slot on the main stage. Check out their interview below, and while you’re at it, check out our interview with them earlier this year as well.