Tupac’s High School Love Letter Is Up For Auction

Throughout his short but extremely influential career, Tupac Shakur dealt a lot with love in his lyrics, from maternal to romantic to brotherly love. So it really should come as no surprise that he was sharpening his skills as a serenading swoon from his younger days, with a love letter written by West Coast’s finest when he was in high school being sold at auction for a ridiculously large amount of money.

The love letter, dated November 22, 1988 is up for sale at auction site Moments In Time for $35,000 USD (approximately $45,000 Australian Dollarydoos). It’s handwritten, which is scientifically proven to increase the romantic factor twentyfold, and was given to a girl nicknamed ‘Beethoven’ on account of her playing the piano.

The letter’s got all the hallmarks of a sweet ode to love, adorable drawings of birds, eyes (it makes sense, trust me), hearts, and telephones, accompanied of course with a phone number. Tupac writes ‘I feel really good vibes from you’ and ‘I want u 2 know that u can tell me anything’.

The more he writes, the more he opens up: ‘I was beginning 2 feel alone & out of the blue, I meet u & it’s almost like I’ve known u 4 years.’ Aww, Tupac.

But high school love can burn too brightly too quickly, and the woman of his affections said in the same article, “I didn’t know the man who tattooed ‘Thug Life’ on his chest and who was gunned down on a Las Vegas street. I never really cared for the music he recorded – it was nothing like those freestyles in front of our school. I knew the kid who loved Prince, and candles and had a broken heart.”

As per NME, the letter isn’t the first to go under the hammer, with a letter written by the rapper whilst incarcerated selling in October for $255,000.