“Fuck That Contract” – The Game Defends Kesha Against Music Industry’s “Slave Mentality”

“Let her off the label… Let her do her thing… If the artist is not happy, you should let the artist do their thing.” – Those were the words California rapper The Game had for a TMZ photographer who asked him to comment on the recent ruling in regards to pop singer Kesha‘s contract with Sony.

As we are all too aware by now, Kesha’s contract with Sony remains intact. Despite giving a significantly moving and powerful performance at Coachella with Zedd, she still isn’t free from the tyrannical grip of her contractual obligations. As it stands, Kesha is still required to produce a number of full length albums to see out her contract, despite the fact that doing so would be entirely detrimental to her mental and emotional health as well as her creativity. Simply being guarded from working with her alleged abuser Dr. Luke is not a good enough solution, and many people are weighing in on the situation. It would seem that now, The Game can be added to the rather long list of Kesha’s fellow entertainers who believe the outcome has been far less than just.

After being asked why he didn’t attend the big party that was Coachella, The Game, who has bounced from label to label himself continually leaving his own contractual obligations unfulfilled, was asked to comment on Kesha’s ordeal. With his own murky history regarding sexual assault and a confusing defence of Bill Cosby, the rapper stuck to discussing the music industry – which he described as having a slave mentality. “You know what a contract is? A piece of paper that I signed when I was dumb and illiterate to the music business.” He went on to add that as you move and grow through the industry, which Kesha hasn’t been allowed to do due to her contract with Sony, “… you figure it out, you get smart, you get aware, you realize you signed some bullshit.”

Image: Billboard