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The Best Songs Of The Week

This week is pretty electronic heavy, which we don’t mind one bit considering how good they all sounds. From all corners of the globe, but a heavy focus on local acts, this playlist will have you boogying into your weekend in no time! Enjoy!

Chymes, Oracle

This is the first single from Central Coast duo Chymes and as far as first singles go, this one is certainly up there. As magical as the song name would suggest, Oracle is a tinkering, hypnotic song that has hints of Purity Ring with its eerie vocals and captivating soundscapes, but it would be remiss to totally lump them in that category. No, Chymes shine bright on this single and will make just about anyone very keen indeed to hear the rest of what they’ve been working on with their Grow EP out later this year.

Kllo, Bolide

Kllo (formerly Klo) have finally returned with some new music, and holy shit was it worth the way. Bolide is a shifting, jolting number that has elements of footwork and garage-house with it’s beats, but is kept grounded thanks to Chloe Kaul’s heavenly vocals, husky and soft. Showing a bit of a change in direction from their previous EP last year which focussed more on the lo-fi vibes, Kllo have amped up the tempo here and are delving into unchartered territory. We cannot wait to hear what else they’ve been cooking up, nor can we wait to catch them on tour later this year!

Client Liaison, World Of Our Love

The purveyors of fine things and turn-of-the-90s nostalgia, Client Liaison, make their entry into 2016 with World Of Our Love– a liberating, upbeat, exciting song that heralds their return as some of Australia’s best dance artists. World Of Our Love is a dancefloor filler, and it’s thumping beat, swelling chorus and borderline euphoric lyrics make me just feel like everything is okay in the world now that new Client Liaison is out in the world. They’ve also announced a huge national tour, which promises to be their biggest and best yet if this new single is anything at all to go by. Head here for more details on that!

Left., No Way

Sydney duo Left. have been around for a while now, but I have never quite heard them like this before. Delving further into the indie electro arena, the pair are sounding better than ever. It’s an uplifting tune that hides a powerful message. Sarah Corry, one half of Left., said of the track that, “I want to be able to say something in our songs, to use my voice as much as I can in a positive way. ‘No Way’ was written in this time where we see so much deep seeded, dark abuse and mistreatment of women. Women’s bodies being found raped and destroyed by their partners – it hurts me so much to see this. I decided to write a song that was bursting with positivity and a powerful message that we have the power to own our bodies, our lives, our fate.” YES. GIRL!

Aeora, Medicine

Melbourne artist Aeora has changed her name up and really come into her own with this latest single. Previously going under the moniker “Aura”, Aeora is building on the success of New Thing and Out Loud with Medicine – and she is really bound for big things. Just listen to that voice around the 2 minute mark. The production throughout, expertly laid down and throbbing, is vast and massive as more and more is added to the fray. Produced by Owen Rabbit, this is the first taste from her forthcoming record Alt, out in July via local label Riot Expert Records, and we are expecting one hell of a release for that one!

GL, Grip

GL are back with a banger in the form of Grip– another throwback to the 80s in a way only they know how. Released alongside their previous single, Number One which was also a total jam, for Record Store Day last weekend. Ella Thompson, the “L” in GL, said of the track, “Grip is about physical love. This is a recurring theme in our album Touch. When something takes its grip and really has a hold on you, it can feel like a game of cat and mouse. You might say all the right things, try and keep your cool but in the end your body does the talking.” GL are about to go on tour with Client Liaison (mentioned above) and are an unstoppable force live. Don’t miss out!

Kid Cupid, Siren

They’ve already drawn comparisons to the likes of London Grammar, and for very good reason. Indie-electro quartet Kid Cupid make brooding, powerful indie pop with electronic elements infused to give it that extra depth. It’s expertly produced, sounding way more accomplished than their relatively short history would suggest, and it’s because of this that I have such high expectations of what else these guys can achieve. Big things are coming for this London band, with tribal drums, sensational vocals and harmonies and subtle guitar licks to really take it home. Very nice indeed.

Donatachi, Bubblegum (Ft. Rosebud Leach)

Out now via the legendary Sydney party crew Sidechains‘s latest mixtape, Donatachi steps further into his own as a producer and as an artist. Talking of the collab with Melbourne singer Rosebud Leach (who you may recognise from LUCIANBLOMKAMP tracks), Donatachi said, “Rosebud and I both share are deep love for bubblegum pop and wanted to do a sickly sweet, exaggerated version of the genre in this song. We wanted it to sound like Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask’s first dance at prom.” And they have achieved it! Sounding like PC Music meets a fairy or something, this is a shimmering, over the top exercise in pop music but it sounds so good.

Fifi Rong, Forbidden Desire

Beijing born, London based producer Fifi Rong sounds like a more badass Lana Del Rey, with her inviting voice but secret bite. Forbidden Desire is the latest release from the up and coming artist, and a taste of what we can expect from her forthcoming EP out next week. She’s worked with the likes of Tricky and will be featured on none other than Skepta‘s forthcoming album Konnichiwa, so if you don’t want to take our word for it then maybe theirs will help. Seductive, woozy and somehow chilled out even though it’s totally captivating, Fifi Rong holds it down here and makes it sound easy.

Katy B, Water Rising (Ft. MssingNo & Geeneus)

Another shimmering slice of pop from Katy B’s forthcoming collab heavy album, and it’s one of, if not the best we have heard so far. Her album, titled Honey, comes out today and Water Rising is the perfect tune to herald its arrival. The album sees Katy B working with many, many artists including Four Tet, Floating Points, Major Lazer, Craig David, Kaytranada, J Hus, Wilkinson, Jamie Jones, Sasha Keable, Novelist, Hannah Wants, Mr. Mitch, D Double E and more, and has already shaped up to be a formidable release. Working with electronic producer MssingNo and Rinse founder Geeneus, Katy B’s impeccable voice sounding commanding and powerful over the dark track. It’s an impressive song from a sure to be impressive album.