Suge Knight shot

Suge Knight Claims Dr. Dre Put A Hit On Him

Suge Knight’s jail saga continues, with the Deathrow Records founder’s lawyer claiming that Dr. Dre hired a hitman to murder Knight back in 2014.

The allegations have been made in relation to Knight’s claims, which suggest that he has been mistreated in jail, with his human rights being violated by having all communication with the outside world blocked. Knight’s lawyer Thaddeus Culpepper has claimed that this is due to a mass cover-up orchestrated by the police department in order to stop a connection being made between the 2014 shooting of Knight in the 1Oak nightclub and the 2015 murder charge.

Specifically, Culpepper claims that the primary detective on Suge Knight’s murder case had also investigated the 2014 shooting at 1Oak. He allegedly told Knight that an individual known as Tee-Money had apparently confessed that he and a friend had been paid $50,000 by Dr. Dre to carry out a hit on Knight, and that an off-duty sheriff’s deputy, “was seen on video letting the gunmen in the front door” of the nightclub at which the shooting took place. He was later seen again at LAX airport helping the alleged gunmen leave the country. Culpepper also claims that police, “inexplicably released Tee-Money.”

The connection between the two cases appears to be Suge Knight’s defence, in which he claims that he was trying to flee from Terry Carter and Cle Sloan when he inexplicably ran the two of them down resulting in the death of Carter, after attempting to reach out to Dr. Dre on the set of Straight Outta Compton. Arguing that by issuing the orders to halt Knight’s mail and phone privileges, they are attempting to stop a connection being made between the two cases, which although fairly shaky, could possibly give Suge Knight’s story some legs.

In response to the allegations put forth by Suge Knight’s lawyers, TMZ reports that attorneys for Dr. Dre have called the claims, “ridiculous”.

The tapestry of suggested lies and deceit by Dr. Dre and the police department being woven by Thaddeus Culpepper is definitely an intriguing one, which could potentially lead to a much bigger scandal than the one currently surrounding Knight – if any of it can be proven. Dr. Dre’s legal team will undoubtedly be working overtime to stop any of these allegations actually gaining traction against the 2001 rapper. However, the same can’t be said for the off-duty sheriff’s deputy, with Culpepper claiming that he has in his possession the videos showing the thus far unnamed deputy letting the gunmen into 1Oak, as well as LAX Airport footage of him accompanying the alleged gunmen to their flight. The Suge Knight case is indeed growing more curious by day.

Image: watchloud