Adelaide’s St Morris Sinners Blow The Roof Off With New Single “B.F.B.F”

Staples in the local Adelaide scene, St Morris Sinners are now setting their sights beyond the City of Churches, and they’ve got the music to get there. Having just released their latest single from their forthcoming sophomore record, Songs About Insects, the band just about blow your speakers apart with their stomping, badass tune, B.F.B.F.

In keeping with the album title and probable theme, B.F.B.F actually stands for “big fucking blowfly” and is a song that is as menacing as a blowfly buzzing around you is. It’s raucous, visceral and hard as fuck. A begrudging beat chugs along sluggishly as the lead vocals set the scene with some eerie guitar work. Suddenly, the song comes to life with a roar- the hook being screamed over searing guitar and thrashing drums. It doesn’t get much better than this. Add to that the almost comically frustrating lyrics, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

To celebrate the release of their new single, St. Morris Sinners will be heading to Melbourne and Sydney to being their badass blues to the East Coast. Playing two shows in each city, I have heard incredible things about these guys in a live setting so they aren’t shows you’ll want to miss. Check out B.F.B.F below:


Friday, April 8th
The Tote (Upstairs)

Saturday, April 9th
The Catfish


Friday, April 22nd
Vic On The Park

Saturday, April 23rd
The Record Crate

Image: RipItUp