Watch This Creepy Video Someone Made For Tame Impala’s “Nangs”

Tame Impala have their fair share of awesome video clips, and particularly so when it comes to their latest album, Currents. From the sexual-angst-filled, gorilla featuring The Less I Know The Better to the startling visuals for Let It Happen, the 3D acid trip of Cause I’m A Man or even that time they performed as Muppets, it’s safe to say Tame are working with some video extraordinaires- that may have just been given a run for their money.

Surfacing online this week, it appears someone wasn’t quite content with the visual output of Tame Impala. In fact, they were mostly concerned with the lack of visual output for one song in particular: Nangs. Now, not everyone has full film sets at their disposal so this guy did what he could with what he had on hand. A lot of stock footage.

Filmmaker Ben Aston has made hands down the weirdest clip you’ll see this week/month/maybe even year with his version of Nangs. Using stock footage of “business people” dancing, fighting, kicking back in a field and one weird clip of a naked guy in a bathroom, Aston has taken it upon himself to make this weird as fuck clip, and we have to thank him for it because although strange, it’s also pretty great. Take a look for yourself:

Image: Pedestrian TV