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Snoop Dogg Blasts Arnold Schwarzenegger As A Racist

Taking a break from the revolutionary work he’s doing at YouTube, Snoop Dogg has unleashed a spectacular tirade against Mr Olympia, some times Terminator, Kindergarten Cop and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, accusing him of being “a racist piece of shit” in a string of Instagram videos. Specifically Snoop is referring to the release of convicted murderer, Esteban Nunez.

As per Billboard, one of Schwarzenegger’s last acts as governor was reducing the 16 year sentence for manslaughter to just seven years. The kicker here, and why Snoop is dropping it like it’s hot, is that Nunez is the son of former speaker of the State Assembly, and close political ally of Schwarzenegger, Fabian Nunez. To compound things further, Snoop questions why Schwarzenegger would be okay with allowing Nunez to get out of prison early but refused to stay the execution of former Crips gang leader turned peace activist, Stanley “Tookie” Williams.

It’s all quite shady with double standards, perceived racial connotations and perverting of justice abounding. Snoop went further in his rants, via Uproxx:

“So Schwarzenegger lets Nunez’s son out, but he doesn’t let his crimey out. The n**** he did the murder with still in the [penitentiary]. That’s white privilege right there, right? That’s bullsh**. That’s straight bullsh**. So you’re just a f**kery, that’s what you are. You’re just a slut-bucket-mouth motherf**er. I can’t wait to catch you […] I hope he’s running with Trump so we can knock both of you n****s off at the same time.”

These accusations are pretty huge, and the language Snoop is using shows just how mad he is. In a time where race relations are extremely prevalent, and the current political climate isn’t exactly painting a bright picture for the future of minorities, you can understand the anger that Snoop must be feeling.

Image: Mashable