Skepta Announces He And Drake Are Working On ‘Top Boy’ Revival

Earlier this week, Beats 1’s Zane Lowe shared an interview with Skepta. The biggest news from the interview came when Skepta revealed that he was working with Drake on the revival of the Top Boy TV series.

The British Channel 4 crime drama followed the lives of characters living in a fictional Hackney housing estate in East London. It originally aired in 2011 and ended in 2013 after two seasons.

“He wants to pledge allegiance to us in a way that is a serious way. We want to do bigger things than just our crew.” Skepta said before revealing new series of Top Boy they are working on. “Even with the Top Boy series, with Ashley Walters – [Ashley and Drake] have been working closely, and I’ve been making sure of the creative direction wave. Making greatness with it, man. The whole style of what’s going on in London, the sound, everything about it is real. It’s an actual thing that actually happens, so it deserves to be on the telly.”

Skepta gives a lot of credit to Top Boy for sparking deeper interest in British urban culture and sees his recent surge in popularity linked to the show’s success. “That’s what’s great about what’s been happening.” He explained that people like how grime artists speak, how they dress, and the slang they use, “It’s not just my music. Not everyone just listens to grime now ‘cause of Skepta… It’s everything.”

“Stuff like Top Boy was an addition to what I did,” the MC continued. “All that stuff is what I want to put on that map. With Drake fully understanding that… he can look at me at say, ‘what is it Skepta? What you need? A Top Boy series? Let’s go.’”

Skepta also discussed his forthcoming album, and you can listen to the full interview here.