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Rapsody Describes What She’d Be Like As A Superhero

We couldn’t get enough of Rapsody if we tried, and with every thing she does, we just love her more. From being nominated for a Grammy and remaining as grounded as ever, to openly discussing her plight as an African-American woman in music, not to mention her exceptional output with songs like Godzilla and The Man, she is always true to herself and radiates love and positivity with every move.

The Kendrick Lamar guest artist has delved even further into her positive outlook, and is the latest subject of Mass Appeal‘s Super series, wherein artists detail what they would be like as a super hero. They’ve had the likes of Kendrick and Pusha T on board, but this latest instalment is definitely our favourite.

Rapsody begins by saying her superhero name would be “Queen Rap”, and that her powers would all involve helping others by saving them from suicidal thoughts, and using “the force” – yes a Star Wars reference – for good energy. She also details that she would wear a black robe, and specified that the reason it would be black is “because I don’t want blackness to always be associated with evil.”  Aside from revealing herself as a major Star Wars fan given the amount of references and inspirations she is drawing from the series, Rapsody also reveals herself as an exceptional human being. Check out the full clip below:

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