PREMIERE: Get Lost In The Most Beautiful World With Post-Dusk’s Debut Single

Post-Dusk is the moniker for Ruby Smith, a brand new artist from Brisbane that makes the most beautiful music I’ve heard in a really long time. Having only played a handful of gigs under this name, you might perhaps be expecting an amateur effort at best for her debut single- but you’d also be wrong.

Having cut her teeth in the local Brisbane scene over the past few years, she has today shared her first song in this new project as a fully-fledged artist. PDFC is a goose bump-inducing song that sounds like a cross between Enya and Sigur Ros, but way cooler. The best part is every sound you hear is done by Smith, who wrote/played/produced the whole thing. Not going to shy away from what she’s set out to do, PDFC is a formidable and captivating release that is as just as powerful as it is delicate.

Starting off like the feeling you get after waking up to the sun leaking into your room after a really good sleep, and your body slowly starts to become alive again, Smith’s vocals are heavenly as they begin to soar softly over her intricate guitar, building atmospherics and piercing, heartbeat-like drum before it swells and plunges you into a dreamy world. Everything becomes bigger, grander and begins to sweep and crash like waves. Her own voice harmonises, giving it yet another element to get lost in. It washes over you, warm and graceful as it falls. I can’t remember the last time hearing a song gave me such a rush, but PDFC continues to do so with every single listen (and there have been many).

Post-Dusk is set to launch this single at Brisbabes #3 next week, which is already looking set to be an amazing night. Add to that the fact that some lucky folks will be able to hear this stunning track performed live, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

For more info on Post-Dusk head here, and to nab one of the remaining Brisbabes tickets head here.