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PREMIERE: MAÏA Shares New Clip For “Nulife”

Having just shared an 8-track mixtape on Soundcloud which has already accrued a fair few thousand plays, Brisbane lo-fi artist MAÏA is well on her way to becoming an internet sensation. With her honeyed voice, lo-fi sounds and fresh production, she is in the same vein as forerunners like SZA or even The Internet, but it would be remiss to draw too many similarities between them – MAÏA is something else all together, and her latest release Nulife is a perfect example of this.

Starting off with a warm trickle, the beat kicks in with MAÏA’s heavenly voice. Falling soft, but intoxicating, her lo-fi effects on her voice as it blooms and swirls, with the woozy beat taking it easy make for such an impressive and immediately captivating song you can’t help but dive right in. Washing over you like a wave, the short and sweet track leaves you desperate for more. Accompanied by simplistic visuals of MAÏA getting down in a graffitied warehouse with some trippy effects to make it even more hypnotic.

We’re hoping this release paves the way for more new material to surface. Not one to rush into anything, each release of MAÏA’s so far has been a careful and considered move, so whilst we may grow impatient due to the addictive nature of her songs, we’re going to have to learn to wait, because it is always worth it.