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PREMIERE: Bad Vision Share Weird And Wonderful New Video For “Fairweather”

Melbourne band Bad Vision are about a month out from releasing their second album, Turn Out Your Sockets. Their most contemplative yet, the garage-y five piece continue to forge their own way with their revitalising brand of DIY rock, and their latest single is a testament to that.

Titled Fairweather, Bad Vision have today shared their brand new film clip with us. According to lyricist Jerome Rush, by “fairweather” they mean “the notion that some people, friends and/or partners, hang around for the good times, however when the challenging times come, they seem to disappear quick.”

Although that might sound like a rather dismal kind of theme to have a track about, and you’d be forgiven for expecting a song of similar sentiment, the band have actually created an upbeat, boppy tune that will almost relishes in the frustrations of such a relationship. The hook starting with the line, “You only like it when suits you” is a raucous one that packs a punch or ten. So, it only makes sense that the accompanying clip is seemingly upbeat and exhilarating as well.

Focussing on a love story, “It’s about a sun called Sunny who was desperately in love with a patch of ground by the name of Steve.” Temperamental, as patches of dirt are, “Steve seemed to change moods every 3 months; it was as if he had a quartered personality. In mixed minds, Sunny couldn’t decide weather (sic) he should stick around anymore. He also couldn’t help but be intrigued by Nadine the moon, who he only saw in a passing glance, during a lunar eclipse.”

Check the clip out for yourself below, and keep your eyes peeled for Turn Out Your Sockets, out May 6th via Adagio 830 Records. The band will also be playing at  The Old Bar on June 3 with Camp Cope, Cable Ties and The Tropes.