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Playlist: Breakthrough Thursdays

It’s so easy to support the artists we all already know; the real challenge is finding the unknown newcomers who are worth paying attention to. We scour the musical world each week for the best new music from upcoming, predominantly independent artists.This week’s playlist features pretty much every single genre, ranging indie and pop to electronic, hip-hop and R&B. They’re in no particular order, so we recommend playing on shuffle!

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  • She Makes War, Paper Thin Ft. Tanya Donelly
    We’re starting today off on something unusual for me – a gentle, acoustic guitar-led dark folk track from She Makes War. The clear lyrics resonate beautifully, thematically and melodically. Gorgeous.
  • PolyensoI.W.W.I.T.I.W.
    From there, we dive underwater, to a land of ambient phrases and bubbly synth flickers and trickles. Seductive vocals with really suave distortion, this is one for the bedroom playlist.
  • SlowlightsWhen You’re Near
    A rich, atmospheric indie track with warm vocals and wonderful sweeping strings. There’s a LOT of music that sounds like this, so it takes a lot to stand out – and I really adore this one.
  • Forever M.C.Want To (feat. Snoop Dogg, Lox Chatterbox) (prod. Starfish The Astronaut)
    Well, this is probably the only time you’ll hear Snoop Dogg on our Breakthrough playlist, but we’ve included it for more than its star power: slick, understated production and great verses make for one hell of a track.
  • PatchFeeling (Ft. Latir) (prod. MTF MOB)
    Patch is a remarkable new discovery of mine – this is a smooth, intimate track with excellent lyricism and really great production. I highly recommend checking out more of Patch – this features on his newly released EP, Space between The Heartbeats

  • Adam CleaverNarrow Spines
    It took me a couple of listens, but I’m really into this track. Intimate and musically nostalgic, I love the contrast of the sweetened melody with the distorted guitars crashing around below them. Skip ahead to 1:45 to be blown away by some phenomenal vocal work.
  • Jake GoldwatersCrossroads/Opium (Prod.Knxwledge/strngr & EMP)
    I really love the instrumental, and there’s some wonderful moments throughout the verses here. Following in the footsteps of Remi, Sampa the Great and others who are making real waves in terms of bringing jazzy sounds into Australian hip-hop. I’m not sure if this samples knxwledge or is a fresh production, but either way, there’s a lot of potential and I’m keen to hear more.
  • EnergeI Get It
    Dramatic and sparse, I usually don’t like this type of flow, but there’s something about this track that stands out to me. There’s a lot of diversity in spite of its overall simple feels. I’m looking forward to hearing more as Energe shapes his own identity
  • CL SmoothPerfect Timing (ft. Skyzoo & DJ Devastate) (Max I Million Remix)
    Slick and smooth, with a really lovely classic feel, each rapper’s unique flow complements its neighbour perfectly. Easily listening to this one a few times on repeat.
  • SiDizen KingDisappear (feat. The Moth & The Flame)
    This is one of the most unique hip-hop tracks I’ve heard this week. With intricate production elements and a really cool flow, it trails from a kind of quiet control to heightened aggression. Admittedly I’m not hugely into the hook and chorus, but the verses more than make up for it.
  • Ian AbelObsession
    Another track pretty unusual for my tastes, it is slow, emotive, and beautifully articulated. I love the movement of the synths and vocals throughout verses, waxing and waning in tandem, while the deep, sparse rhythm anchors the bass.
  • TcheepDigging the Underground
    A swift sample-laden number with a spritely beat, awesome brass distorted The track kind of blends a whole variety of 1930s/1940s musical styles into a modern song, making for a really groovy, soulful, era-blending track.
  • Baby AlpacaIn Our Eyes (Feat. Theresa Wayman)
    Apparently I’m loving rich, retro, velvety-male-vocal-laden indie tracks this week. This one features Warpaint’s Theresa Wayman, and marries almost tropical-sounding instrumentation with a temperate rhythm and lazily swinging melody, which I absolutely adore, particularly during the duet moments.
  • Anton Murphy, Just Bounce
    My love for UK hip-hop only grows every day thanks to tracks like this. While the production glides under the radar, Murphy’s verses are dextrous and catchy, with lyrics that tell his own tale of rags to riches, and a hyped up chorus that’ll no doubt go wild on stage.
  • The GiftedLost Ones (featuring Leah Hayes)
    Finishing this playlist on a bright indie-pop track from The Gifted. With a gorgeously bouncy melody and carefully designed electro-pop production, it’s not breaking down any barriers, but it’s a really strong song among a sea of similar-sounding mediocrity.

Image: Patch