The Vines Reference Retro Sega Video Game In Latest Single

The Vines are back!!! Returning to your ears with a magical little retro-inspired psych-rock number, the Aussie alt-rock group have name dropped a fantastic little video game. In Miracle Land is the latest snippet of the band’s unreleased and currently untitled LP coming later this year. It will be their 7th studio album, and judging from this track, it’s shaping up to be pretty delightful.

The game in question is Sega’s retro classic Alex Kidd In Miracle World, also known as that game that was built into your Sega Master System II that was practically impossible because you couldn’t save the fucking thing.


The song itself is pretty fun. It’s reminiscent of The Beatles in their heyday, and there’s also a pretty clear psychedelic pop, Tame Impala feel to it. Overall, it’s a solid, if short, slice of what’s to come. This would be a great song to wake you up, just screaming at you to be happy in a technicoloured rainbow way. I for one am excited to see an entire EP of Aussie alt-rockers try to make more sugary “Tame Impala music” than Tame Impala themselves.

But, while I wait for that, I think I’ll just listen to The Vines’ back catalogue and cry tears of nostalgia for old video games. Join me by listening below.

Image: Sophie Howarth