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Mark Pritchard Shares “Under The Sun”

Last month, beloved Warp Records stalwart Mark Pritchard released a wonderful new track, Beautiful People ft. Thom Yorke, set to feature on his upcoming album entitled Under The Sun. Now, Pritchard has released the title track as his next single.

Coming in at six-and-a-half minutes long, there’s a lot to take in in spite of its relative simplicity. From the very first moments, a tinny vocal loop and a fluttery flute sample dance and duel, with a thudding beat marking the middle ground.

Swirling ambient sounds slowly whoosh in and spiral around the beat, which eventually, overpowers the samples, coming to the fore for a brief moment. Soon, the loops resurface, twisting and twirling around one another, battling it out for the remainder of the track. Harmonies and counter-melodies flutter in and out of the central layers, all the while orbiting that muffled beat.

It’s hypnotic to say the least. An intertwined stream of sounds and samples, it won’t be for everyone, but it’s heaven for fans of minimal yet expressive, ambient electronica.

Under The Sun comes out on May 13 through Warp Records.


2. Give It Your Choir (feat. Bibio)
3. Infrared
4. Falling
5. Beautiful People (feat. Thom Yorke)
6. Where Do They Go, The Butterflies
7. Sad Alron
8. You Wash My Soul (feat. Linda Perhacs)
9. Cycles Of 9
10. Hi Red
11. Ems
12. The Blinds Cage (feat. Beans)
13. Dawn Of The North
14. Khufu
15. Rebel Angels
16. Under The Sun