Lupe Fiasco Kinda Overdid it By Promising Three Albums This Year

Lupe Fiasco excited fans at the end of last year, with the news that he would be releasing not one, but three new albums in 2016.

Last year saw a true return to form from the rapper, with his brilliant comeback album Tetsuo & Youth easily being one of our favourites of 2015. In December he announced that he would be dropping three full albums in 2016: Drogas, Skulls and Roy, as well as a sequel to 2007 album The Cool, due for release in 2017 (on the tenth anniversary of the original album). He went on this year to reveal that Roy was to be his final ever album.

We’re now four months into 2016 and we’re yet to see any new music from the rapper. Not even a single let alone an album, except for his solid, and hilarious freestyle over the instrumental to Future Desiigner‘s new track Panda, titled Express, which basically talks about how great food chain Panda Express is, among other things, including a shout-out to lyric website Genius, and something about visiting Australia and Holden cars.

Now, he has kind of explained the hold up on Drogas (which is Spanish for “drugs”) in an Instagram video, essentially saying they’re not sure how to map it all out. “Where do we begin?” he is heard asking. “Where do we begin to tell the story? It’s a deep story. It’s gonna take some time. We’ll get it right, though.”

“Introductions” #DROGAS :The Story Of An Album

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It’s sad to hear that Lupe will be retiring, if indeed it’s true, and I’m really looking forward to hearing his final trilogy before the end of days.

Image: XXL