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Ludacris Lives Up To Name With Insane Rider For University Of Georgia Performance

Want to book Ludacris to perform at your high school football game? The University of Georgia did, securing the rapper to perform at their spring football game for 15 minutes at the hefty price of US$65,000.

While students were no doubt entertained by the artist, perhaps the most interesting part of this incident was the remarkable rider that came along with the fee and agreement to perform. Ludacris’ rider was, well, ledicrous. It included a toothbrush and toothpaste, candles, condoms, nuts (including unsalted and salted almonds), juice, soap, toiletries, gatorade, eight bottles of cognac, vodka, patron and wine, incense, jam, bread and more.

I have no idea how or why this amount of stock could be used to enhance a FIFTEEN MINUTE performance. The condoms and huge amount of alcohol are particularly alarming, but I guess that’s why he’s called Ludacris.



The rider is part of the contract for the performance, which can be read in full here. It details instructions for supplying towels (“NO OLD TOWELS”) instructions for a ten-person dinner including grilled chicken, fresh fruit and “drummette style wings” with teriyaki, lemon pepper and mild sauce. They’re also welcome to simply provide money for a dinner “buy out,” if they cough up $40 per person – cash up front.

$65,000 is a hell of a lot for a fifteen minute performance and the rider and these stipulations would add a huge additional number. While I know absolutely nothing about the University of Georgia or the SS education system in general, it is quite remarkable that they have this much money lying around for entertainment. I hope Ludacris provided students with fifteen glorious minutes of throwback hip-hop goods. He certainly provided the school with a great deal of exposure on his social media accounts:

This is about to be #monstrous #showkillas

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Say it wit me #uga photo by @mrpulliam

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I’m on the grind in….

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  In any case, he seems to be making the most of his immense profits:

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