Little Simz Drops “Heard Em Say” Freestyle

London MC Little Simz has dropped a cool af freestyle over Kanye West‘s Heard Em Say that definitely holds its own against his original. This is my first introduction to Little Simz and I am 100% converted.

At 22 years, she’s already got her own record label, released 5 mixtapes, 5 EPs and a debut album A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons. She’s also co-signed with Kendrick Lamar who says “she might be the illest doing it right now”. Is there anything this girl can’t do?

She’s been writing rap lyrics since she was 10, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised she can freestyle like that but I’m still pretty damn impressed. Deep, complex lyrics and chill vibes reign supreme.

Being the best is a liability and an asset/I made a record that’s the defining meaning of classic /I pray my messages will be listened to by the masses/and that we find leaders who will care for us with a passion/ instead we’re run by god disbelievers and evil fascists.

She raps about the difficulties she’s faced coming up in the industry as a UK artist trying to break into the US market among other things.

In an interview with Howl and Echoes last year, she said, “I’ve always been that person to write about what’s currently happening in my life – whether it’s good or bad. It’s for my own sake because it’s therapeutic for me, and it kind of helps me. Even though I know that I’m going to share this with the world, I just feel like I need to get it off my chest.”

If you, like me, are just discovering this incredible artist and want to know more, check our live review and photos from her Melbourne show with Aussie rapper Sampa the Great or listen to her latest mixtape AGE101:DROP X below.

Image: SPR Human